Lincoln Legacy Project

Giveaway FAQs

Tell me about the publishing package giveaway. How does it work?

Current and former Lincoln residents are invited to nominate themselves, others, families, businesses, organizations, events and stories through the nomination form. All nominees will be notified by Redbrush. Nominees may elect to opt out of the participating in the publishing process. Once we have received 300 unique nominations for full-length books through the online form, Redbrush will select a winner of the Founder Package. The winner will be announced via the website and social media.

What does the publishing package giveaway include?

We will award one (1) Founder Package valued at $19,500. The package includes:  

  • Personal Navigator
  • Book Strategy
  • Manuscript
  • Proofread
  • Front & Back Cover Copy
  • ISBN, Copyright & LCCN Setup
  • Cover & Book Layout Design
  • eBook Conversion
  • POD Distribution Services
  • Customized Marketing Plan
  • Book Printing Allowance
  • FRS Distribution
  • Audiobook Production

Revel in the awesomeness that is the Founder Package.


Who or what is eligible for nomination?

Eligible nominations could be based on any of the following ideas:

  • Individuals or families (living or historical) who have contributed significantly to Lincoln's growth or story.
  • Businesses or organizations that have contributed significantly to Lincoln's growth or story.
  • Significant events and/or time periods that are - or have been - significant to Lincoln's growth or story.
  • Lincoln writers and artists who wish to share their creative works. For example, works of fiction, poetry, and collections of visual works.


Is anyone or anything excluded from nomination?

The intent of Lincoln Legacy Book Project is to celebrate positive contributors to the city's growth and story. The Lincoln Legacy Book Project Committee will review all submissions and evaluate for appropriateness.

What about nominees who don't win the grand prize publishing package giveaway?

All nominees will be eligible to receive a 20% service grant on a qualifying Lincoln Legacy Book Project Package. (Projects not needing a package of services are eligible for a 10% service grant on purchased services.) All complete book projects will feature a Lincoln Legacy commemorative icon and will be included in additional marketing and PR efforts celebrated as a selected Lincoln Legacy Book.

When do nominations need to be submitted?

Nominations will run until 150 books are selected.

How and when will the winner be selected?

The Founder publishing package giveaway winner will be selected by December 31, 2016 by the Lincoln Legacy Book Project Committee.

How do I submit a nomination?

Nominations can be submitted via the Redbrush website in fewer than two minutes.


Fewer than two minutes? How hard is it to submit a nomination, really?

It’s super easy. Check out our sample nomination, then submit the real deal.


Do I have any obligation or responsibility once I've nominated someone or something for a book?

No. However, we encourage you to tell friends and colleagues about your nomination and have them echo your nomination and share information about it with their friends and colleagues. Use social media to share your nomination with others.

Is there any obligation for the nominee to publish or allow the publishing of a book?

No. We will encourage nominees to consider publishing a book based on the nomination. There is no obligation for the nominee to complete a book project. Redbrush works to help any author wanting to indie-publish a book do so quickly and efficiently.