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10 Indie Publishing Things to Celebrate this Independence Day

10 Indie Publishing Things to Celebrate this Independence Day

1. You have the freedom to write your own book.

2. You can choose to share your creative writing with others or keep it for yourself or close friends.

3. You can choose from among several publishing options to take your book to market.

4. You can offer friends and strangers alike the chance to support your book project through several crowd sourcing programs.

5. You get to choose the level of editorial integrity your book will have.

6. You can devise your cover concept or rely on help from others to create something professional, or not.

7. You can commit to producing a book product that is as good as what’s published by traditional publishing houses.

8. You get to own your ISBN and control who makes the profits from your book sales.

9. You get to decide to promote your book to targeted audiences, hide it under a bushel, or see where the reading winds take it. You hold its success in your hands.

10. You have the freedom to write another book.

You are fortunate to have been gifted with a creative spark. You may be inspired to weave a story for your readers or to share helpful information for those who seek it. Perhaps there’s an idea or concept to develop; a lesson or parable to share. You’ve been gifted with that inspiration. Whether you choose to honor it—or ignore it—is up to you.

There are those who know of your creative gifts and envy them. They would do anything to have that spark and the confidence to take pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. They are the friends, loved ones, and colleagues who follow your project. They are anxious to help in any way they can. They may not know if your writing is great, if your punctuation is perfect, or if your book will be as successful as you hope. But they know what resonates with them. They know what they like. They hear real dialogue and can help weed out the clumsy missteps.

You have the freedom to write and indie publish your own book. You probably have willing allies ready to help. You might be celebrating our country’s birthday with them next week. Share your ideas. Conjure your plans. Gain their support. Celebrate our creative freedoms.

Write. Publish. Be Red (white & blue)!