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5 Reasons to Publish Your Book Now

Events in the news this week reminded me—and hopefully you—just how precious our time is in this life. One image of an actor portraying a teacher standing atop his desk inspired this post. May it encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, take a stand on a desk or soapbox, and publish your book to share with others. Here are five reasons why there’s never been a better time.

1.) You have a unique point of view and perspective to share.

Nobody sees the world the way you do. No one walks in your footsteps and experiences their life quite the way that you do. While it may not feel some days like your point of view is special, it is genuinely unique, because it is yours and yours alone. What do you know differently? What do you believe? What do you hope? What do you dare? Sharing your unique perspective further clarifies and anneals it into tempered experience.

2.) Your book will serve someone.

No matter what kind of book you have, it can affect another person. It can change another’s life. It might educate or entertain. Your book might provide comfort or inspiration. What you write and publish might be exactly the story, information, or idea that helps another person and changes them in ways that no one else can. Your writing is your superpower. Don’t hide it under a rock!

3.) Your talent deserves to breathe. Don’t hide it. Your published works can be a legacy.

Choose to use your writing superpowers for good. With great power comes great responsibility. Give yourself permission to share your ideas and information. Honoring your talents with publication gives you natural encouragement to make it as good as it can be and publishing a professional product for your readers.

4.) You’ll silence the voices inside and outside your head.

Writers are plagued by voices. In our own minds we hear the constant barrage of self-doubts and fears. We hear our hopes and wishes. We bear the well-meant questions from our friends and loved ones with whom we’ve shared a glimpse or idea about our writings. Every future holiday and reunion dinner conversation can be much more satisfying when the ubiquitous question, “have you published your book yet?” can be answered affirmatively and the conversation can move to how your loved ones can get copies and champion your book for you.

5.) It’s never been easier and more cost-efficient.

Everyone is a writer. Not everyone will author and publish their book. Technology has evolved to the point where it’s never been easier to publish and offer your book to its ideal readers. You have many publishing options. You can sell it. You can have retail partners sell it for you. You can promote it. It can promote you.

Let your goals be your guide. Whether you need a handful of copies or several thousand, you can publish your book more easily than ever before.

Aspire to share your point of view, serve others, and share a legacy. Take courage, knowing that you have lots of publishing options from which to use and if you know what you want to say and who you want to reach, you have the ability to indie publish your own book and change the world.

Be of good courage!