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4 Reasons to Work With a Ghostwriter

Working with a professional is one of the best ways to get results. Whether you have a brief outline that needs to be fleshed out or a mostly-written book needing polished, using a ghostwriter can help take your finished product to the next level.

We sat down with one of our seasoned ghostwriters, Lisa Thompson, to pick her brain on all the ways having a writer can make writing a book painless. Here are four reasons you should consider letting a ghostwriter help write your book:

1. It saves you time.

The foremost benefit to ghostwriting is that it enables you to become a published author without quitting your “day job.” Great business leaders know when to delegate. The average author can take years to write a book, so it’s no surprise that many CEOs and business professionals are having their books ghostwritten.

2. It’s their speciality.

A quality ghostwriter comes with a bachelor’s degree in English or Journalism and a love of the written word. According to Thompson, “My job is to create something that is easy to read, that makes you look good.” In other words: do what you do well and leave the rest to the professionals. Working with a ghostwriter will allow your ideas to sound polished once they’re published.

3. It still sounds like you.

A good ghostwriter will ensure your book is written in your unique voice, even if you didn’t personally pen each word. To capture an author’s voice, Thompson listens to how they speak and pays close attention to their personality and what makes them tick. “Once I have a sense of who the author is and what he or she is setting out to do, I’m able to easily channel that person’s voice,” she said.

4. It saves you money.

Time is money. Working with a ghostwriter will free up your time you’d otherwise be spending writing and allows you to stay focused on your business. Using a professional writer also ensures your manuscript will adhere to the best practices when it comes to grammar, punctuation and style, meaning fewer rounds of edits to fix the mistakes that could occur if your were writing the manuscript yourself.

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