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From Blog to Book in 5 Easy Steps

If you’re a speaker, you need a book.

If you’re a blogger, you’re a speaker—online, anyway—and you need a book.

It’s never been easier to turn content into a book. Here are five steps to easily make your presentations and posts work even harder for you as a published book.

1. Compile content into a manuscript.

Whether you have a dozen blog posts or a few speeches, compile them into a single word processing document. As you do so, pay attention to your themes and theses and put them into an order that supports a central point or rally cry.

2. Have it professionally edited.

Sure. A book’s cover makes a strong first impression. The back of the book makes a formidable second impression. Your book’s interior leaves the lasting impression. Make sure that impression is a GREAT one. Professional authors need professional editing to be sure their putting forth their best face and reputation as an expert. The better your book, the better its success. Don’t scrimp on this important detail. Budget for it.

3. Design into an attractive book.

“A book’s cover makes a strong first impression.” If it doesn’t have that “huh?” factor, it might get passed by. Make sure your book screams “PROFESSIONAL” and not “amateur”. Likewise, the back of the book makes a formidable second impression with a description, blurbs, and a bio that reinforces that yours is exactly the book the reader needs right now. Anticipate spending what it takes to present a professional-looking book, inside and out.

4. Books are books. Print copies.

Yes, you’ll probably have eBooks. Sure, you might even have audiobooks. But to make any ripples in your market segment, you have to print copies of your book. You’ll need copies to share with media, reviewers, and boosters. You’ll need books to hand out at calling card copies. You’ll need copies to sell at the back of the room of speaking engagements or to include with conference materials. Books aren’t books unless they’re books.

5. Promote and sell your book.

Whether you started with a blog or presentations and speaking engagements, you probably already have a following. Doesn’t matter how big or small. What matters is that they know you. They’ve read your writing. They’ve laughed at your jokes and pitfalls. They know you have something worth reading. Share news of your publishing process with your readers. Let people know you’ve got a book coming out soon. Announce it’s available with links to purchase directly from your site. Sell books. Promote your brand. Sell more books. Write more. Repeat.

Speakers and bloggers are already writers with ready-made content. Moving that content into published book form is easy. Redbrush provides guidance and services to help any blogger, speaker, and writer with the help and tools to publish a book in weeks … not years. Give us a holler and see how easy it is.