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Go Big or Go Home

Motivated authors rock my world. While I respect every creative person, I have a special place in my heart for writers: business writers, novelists, and children’s book writers. Motivated authors are exciting to navigate. They know and live by these two, simple points:

1. Go big
2. Go home

Sounds pretty simple, right? Not the case. Authors are artisans who make beautiful jewelry from rocks … jagged, nondescript, plain rocks. Words are rocks. First drafts are a box of rocks. Motivated authors are rock tumblers. Remember those?

Authors recognize that their first draft is crap. It’s supposed to be. You wouldn’t send a first draft to a prospective reader in your audience. It’s nowhere near good enough to waste their time.

A second draft is improved. It’s been tumbled a few days. Rough edges are smoothing a bit. More time in the tumbler is a must, but you’re starting to see progress … and feel it too. Getting your words to this point is what most writers have the patience and skills to do. The next steps require more commitment.

Professional editors provide necessary friction and grit to bring out the luster of each word. Perhaps a manuscript needs only a light copyedit. Maybe a more substantive line edit is necessary. It’s only through expert feedback and professional book editing that the last rough edges are smoothed and polished. Professional editing helps bring out strengths and successes that you might not have realized on your own. Now your words are ready to be professionally typeset into an attractive design that will impress your readers.

Why would anyone want to take the time and work required to tumble rocks into radiance? The results are more likely to attract and win over readers. When you choose to do your best and work and rework and edit your first drafts into a second, and a third, and have a professional editor fix the inclusions and imperfections, the final manuscript is worthy of being admired, published, enjoyed, and shared. That business book can succeed. That thought leader’s book will teach. The novel will entertain. The children’s book will delight.

Writers write. Editors edit. Then writers indie publish...and succeed. It’s an exciting artistic endeavor when you have the motivation, patience, and stones.

Are you ready to go big? Do you have a manuscript that is ready for polishing? Contact Phil at 855.379.6218 or to get started.