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"Because of her credentials..."

Four exceptionally powerful words. I read them on a website that a colleague of mine had produced for an author’s book. The author had several “credentials”. Maybe some of them match yours:

- A college degree in her field;
- An MBA;
- Several years of experience in her field;
- Years of experience helping well-known companies (from the “top” list of your choice);
- Participation in an industry-specific association;
- Quotes and sound bites cited by publications, broadcast news, and others; and,
- A book (just one title under her belt).

You might call this list a “perfect storm” of credentials. I do. It’s a smart recipe for success.

The Rest of the Sentence

But it doesn’t stop there. The rest of the sentence goes on ...

“Because of her credentials, she is frequently sought out for her expertise and has been quoted in a variety of well-known publications … ”

This author is sought out by media, colleagues, and new prospects. She’s quoted by others. She is a bona fide expert. And she’s an author with a book. All of these ingredients have elevated this woman’s knowledge and expertise to expert status. She’s leveraged her education, experience, and success, into greater success with a book product.

Her book might be her own stories and ideas. It might be a collection of great stories and ideas from others. Whatever it is, she’s brought it all together and distilled her stories and information into a consumable book and eBook for readers and customers alike.

The Best Unique of the Bunch

The most important ingredient of these credentials is her book. It is the tangible culmination of the others. It’s the best evidence of her education, experience, and expertise. Her book is a “leave behind” for every new customer contact. It’s a gift for every new, signed client. Her book is the fossilized evidence that she’s arrived, succeeded, and continues to do so. It’s also bringing in additional income from its own sale.

A popular credit card ad asks, “what’s in your wallet?” Open up your credential wallet. Inventory what’s inside. Whether or not you compare your credentials with those of your colleagues or your competitors, ask yourself if you’re missing out on greater success, prestige, expert status, and future opportunities by NOT having a book in your arsenal. If you have the education, experience, and expertise, you should have a book, too. It’s never been easier to indie-publish your own book. helps business people, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and creative dynamos elevate their information and leverage their expertise into professionally indie-published books.