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Have questions? Good! We'd be worried if you didn't.

Below are the questions we get most often. If you aren't finding what you're looking for here, you can get in touch with us here.

•  How much will this cost? The cost of indie publishing one’s own book is determined by the services and processes needed to reach the author’s identified goals. Check out our pricing model, then let us know what you plan to accomplish. We’ll help get the clearest understanding of the costs.
•  How long will this take? Depending on what stage of the writing process you're starting in, publishing your book could happen in a matter of weeks, or it could take a full year. Most of our clients have their published book in their hands in about 90 days.
•  What kind of publishing is this? Redbrush’s model is an independent publishing model, or “indie publishing." In Redbrush’s indie-publishing model, you pay for the services to publish your book, and you retain all rights and control of the book. This makes it so when sales occur, you receive the publisher’s profits from the sales. You’ve taken on most of the risk, but you have the best chance of making your money back and building greater success over time.

•  What other publishing models are out there? There are two other main publishing methods:

Traditional publishers, like Random House, pay authors for the rights to their writing and/or pays them a small royalty when the book the company published sells. The publishing company takes on the most risk and they make the most money when the book sells. Getting the attention of a traditional publisher can take years and often requires gaining representation from a literary agent.

Vanity press publishing pays a publisher to put their stamp on a book. The author pays for all of the publishing steps and processes. This model takes the publisher’s portion of the profits when/if books sell, and it pays a smaller portion of each sale to the author. The author takes all of the risk and earns a small portion of the profit. 

•  What makes Redbrush the best choice for me? The author determines if Redbrush is the right fit for the project. Redbrush equips its indie-publishing authors with exactly the tools and services they need to successfully reach the milestones of success they’ve identified. By joining our expert team and complementing partners specializing in publishing, printing, social media marketing, and web design, Redbrush offers the best services to its indie-publishing authors to help re-imagine the stigmatized self-publishing industry into a vibrant and revitalized indie-publishing powerhouse. Not to mention we're easy to get along with, good at keeping authors motivated, and fun at parties.
•  If I publish with Redbrush’s help, who gets the profits from book sales? You do. (Retailers who sell your books are entitled to some of the profits, too. That’s only fair.)
•  So who’s the publisher if I publish with Redbrush’s help? You are. 
•  Who owns the rights to my book? You do.
•  Who owns the ISBN(s)? You will. 
•  Who owns the printer files that are designed to print my book? You will.

•  Is that everything? I think so.