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Based on our publishing guide, our FAQs provide up-to-date information to help every author know the basics and gain confidence in every step of their journey.

•  How much will this cost? The cost of independently publishing one’s own book is determined by the services and processes needed to reach the author’s identified goals. Without having the clearest vision of the product and it's goals, it can be difficult to estimate what the costs will be. Let us know what you plan to accomplish, and we’ll help get the clearest understanding of the costs. 
•  How long will this take? In most cases, the higher the goals and expectations for a book’s success, the longer the process will take. Indie book publishing through Redbrush can take as little as a couple weeks and as long as a year, depending on the steps necessary to complete the book that’s envisioned by the author/publisher. The most common length of time is about ninety days. 
•  What’s my role? Because you are your own publisher and will retain all rights to your book—and earn the publisher’s profits from every sale of it—you will be the leader of this adventure.
•  What kind of publishing is this? Redbrush’s model is an independent publishing model, or “indie publishing." In Redbrush’s indie-publishing model, you pay for the services to publish your book. You retain all rights and control of the book, so when sales occur, you receive the publisher’s profits from the sales. You’ve again taken on most of the risk, but you have the best chance of making your money back and building greater success over time. 

Traditional publishing models,  like Random House, pay authors for the rights to their writing and/or pays them a small royalty when the book the company published sells. The publishing company takes on the most risk and they make the most money when the book sells.

Vanity press publishing model is a model that pays a publisher to be the publisher of the book and the author pays for all of the publishing steps and processes. This model takes the publisher’s portion of the profits when/if books sell, and pays a small portion of each sale to the author. The author takes all of the risk and earns a small portion of the profit. 

•  What makes Redbrush the best choice for me? The author determines if Redbrush is the right fit for the project. Redbrush equips its indie-publishing authors with exactly the tools and services they need to successfully reach exactly the milestones of success they’ve identified. If you are highly motivated and committed to independently publishing, then Redbrush helps reach your targeted audiences and goals. 
•  What makes Redbrush unique? Redbrush is the result of over sixty combined years of experience and excellence in the creative and publishing fields. By joining three expert and complementing teams specializing in publishing, printing, social media marketing, and Web design, Redbrush offers the best services to its indie-publishing authors to help re-imagine the stigmatized self-publishing industry into a vibrant and revitalized indie-publishing powerhouse.  
•  What else is better? How author-publishers pay for their publishing process is different at Redbrush. You get to decide how you want to pay for your publishing process and the services we provide. You can choose to pay-as-you-go for the services you need them. If you’re anticipating a specific set of services, you can choose a monthly payment plan to more easily budget your publishing project. You may choose to write a single check for the anticipated total costs for your publishing project. Highly motivated author-publishers are able to plan for their publishing process and journey. We reward you by allowing you to budget smartly at every step. 
•  If I publish with Redbrush’s help, who gets the profits from book sales? You do. Retailers who help you sell books are entitled to some of the profits, too. That’s only fair. We hope you’ll tell others about Redbrush, so we can help them with their projects, too. This is how we build success after helping you publish your book and reach your destination. 
•  So who’s the publisher if I publish with Redbrush’s help? You are. 
•  Who owns the rights to my book? You do.
•  Who owns the ISBN(s)? You will. 
•  Who owns the printer files that are designed to print my book? You will.
•  What’s the catch? We want your first born child. (Just kidding. We’ve got our own rug rats, er … little darlings to take care of!) There is no catch!