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What’s a Redbrush?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” - William Shakespeare

"What’s a redbrush?"

Think of “Red” as your drive, passion, and the burning desire to make a difference with your story, ideas, and information. Your “brush” is your message—and how you deliver it. You might use a detailed stroke with the most delicate of sable points, or spread your thoughts with a huge paint roller. Light as a feather or with the smack a bat, getting your point across has never been more important. Getting your book to your audiences has never been more challenging. Redbrush makes it possible, like never before.

Redbrush means taking independent publishing back from the stigma-inducing vanity press companies and returning the purse strings to the writer! Redbrush gives highly motivated authors the opportunity to indie-publish their titles, control every aspect of their production, and benefit more from every sale of their book.

With Redbrush you captain your publishing journey with the greatest confidence and a professional crew navigating every step. Does this resonate with you?

"What’s the vanity press model?"

That would be Redbrush’s second cousin, twice removed. Let’s call that model “greenbag.” “Green” is obviously the money an author pays for a vanity press publisher to be the publisher of their book. “Bag” could be thought of as the carpetbags they stuff with cash from tens of thousands of unsuspecting writers and authors hoping to have a chance to succeed with their book project. “Green” is also any profits that the book generates, which also goes into the company’s carpetbag.

One has to wonder whether or not folks who choose the vanity press publishing model are knowledgeable about their publishing options. You've probably seen or heard of the skit where one fellow says to his pal, “head or stomach?” Whichever the victim replies gets socked. (A popular variation on this joke is “window or stairs?” There is no right answer. You’re either getting thrown down the stairs or out the window.) This is a lot like vanity press publishing, except that you get socked both ways; head and stomach, coming and going.

Writers choosing the vanity press publishing model pay up front to be published and give away their publishing rights for nothing. While most of the books published in this POD-centric model are destined to sell between 50 and 150 copies, those that do generate sales are simply making more gravy for the vanity press publisher who owns the ISBN and happily received the publishing rights for free.

"And Redbrush doesn't do that?"

Nope. Redbrush authors maintain control of their projects, start to finish. They maintain control of their publishing rights. They are the publisher of their book, so they choose their book’s retail price, and who receives portions of sales profits. All of the power resides with the author.

Redbrush empowers authors to remain at the helm of their project and be the captain of their publishing process. We’re ready and expertly able to help navigate the journey, based on the course and destination the author’s identified.

"So, the more I know … "

The easier it is to identify if Redbrush is the publishing services provider for you. You have all of the freedom, all of the control, and the tools to reach your destination and audiences.
Are you ready to Redbrush? We hope so.