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Green Flag Season

A friend of mine works with NASCAR racing teams. For him spring means Daytona, Bristol, Darlington, and more. Spring is a green flag waving in the sun as the collective roar of engines thunders past the starting line.

Redbrush’s first spring is rolling out with its new Website and first blog posts. Our first projects have been completed and more are in the pipeline. It’s going to be a fun year. I’ve said it before—in our publishing guide—I can’t think of any better way to spend time than working with creative writers, helping them realize their publishing dreams and putting books in the hands of their readers.

There will be business books—calling card projects for speakers and thought leaders—that will enlighten and inspire. There will be novels—taking readers to far off places and on new adventures—introducing brave and innovative voices. Children’s books will be born—featuring kids and families and anthropomorphic animal heroes—sharing lessons, stories, and dreams for kids of all ages.

I think I’m looking most forward to the compilation books that will arrive; collections of classroom writings, amateur photography, and fine art exhibitions. Slam poetry collections, an elder’s short stories, a congregation’s recipes.

Some will take the author’s community by storm. Some will reach readers throughout the country and around the world. Some will become treasured, favorite books. Some will not.

Redbrush is proud to provide indie-publishing services to you: writers from near and far. We’re pleased to navigate you to indie-publish with confidence; to set your sights on specific goals and audiences. Your success is our success. Your accomplishments—every single one—are our greatest joy. Let’s do something fun together!

Start your engines! The journey beckons!