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One Sentence to Rule Them All

One of the neatest projects I’ve ever had the privilege to help with has to be Michael Sieleman’s "A History of the World in a Single Sentence". I wouldn’t have thought it possible to sum up our planet’s existence in one sentence of only forty-eight words. But Michael Sieleman did just that.

I won’t spoil the impact of the author’s successful undertaking of this monumental task, save to share that I think he’s created a book that should fan the flames of lively conversation until the end of time. Michael’s work isn’t the perfect book for a singular audience. "A History of the World in a Single Sentence" is the perfect book for almost any audience that enjoys and craves that catalyst kind of title that immediately engages readers and demands response.

As it turns out, Michael’s book is the perfect gift for anyone you love, respect, work for, employ, enjoy, or despise. This is a rare product that defies pigeon-holing—or definition, for that matter.

I can’t imagine any publisher who would have dared to bring out such a creative book. Thankfully, Michael Sieleman is a man of vision and experience. Not only had he blazed a trail by publishing a previous work, an entertaining memoir called "Hippie from Iowa", Michael had given a tremendous amount of thought to who would enjoy his History book and who would be his ideal customers. Though some might consider this a novelty kind of product, perfect for husbands to give wives, and fathers to give to daughters, it’s also a great opportunity to provide a more meaningful dialogue in our communities, school and universities, and places of worship.

I’m pleased to have helped Michael develop his concept and publish this milestone work in paperback and hardcover editions.

What’s your vision for a unique published work? Do you have the drive and motivation to publish something different? Are you motivated enough to take your concept through to published book? I hope so. Redbrush would love to help you!