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Top 3 Reasons Business Leaders Need to Be Published Authors

If you’re already a leader in your industry, being a published author is the next item you should be adding to your résumé. Here are 3 reasons why:


The book is the new business card. It sets you up as an expert. Publishing a book builds your personal brand like nothing else, because it truly shows that you’re an expert in your field.

And it pays off: “The Business Impact of Writing a Book,” a RainToday study, concluded that “96% of authors stated that the overall effect of publishing a business book had either an ‘Extremely Positive’ or ‘Positive’ effect (on business).


Publishing boosts your worth. When you’ve published pages worth of experience and insight to share about your industry, your credibility skyrockets—along with revenue.

According to Quantum Performance Inc. CEO and author Gershon Mader, “Our book was definitely a major contributor to experiencing a 300% increase in our daily billings. We know this because this happened within 1-3 months of our book being published.” Business authors have seen indirect revenue as high as $500,000 as a result of writing and publishing a book.


It’s true that what goes around comes around, and this pay-it-forward attitude will make you the type of person people want to do business with.

Sharing your wealth of knowledge is proof that you don’t just care about building up yourself, but that you also care about building up your industry. Jeff Klein, author and Working For Good CEO, reflects on why he chose to write a business book: “I realized that my experience and insights could serve and support others who are working to integrate purpose and profit.”

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