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4 Ways That Speakers Generate Additional Revenue with a Book

Books Generate Revenue: Here’s How.

For many speakers, one of the biggest questions that crosses their mind is, ‘Is it worth it to publish a book?’. I am here to say, yes. Emphatically, yes.

We recently shared why speakers need books If that didn’t convince you, let’s talk money.

A speaker with a book has the potential to gain additional revenue through the selling of their book and by leveraging their position as an expert to garner more business. Below we’ll explain how a self-published author nets more income; give you some easy-to-implement ideas on how to sell in person and online; and finally ways you can leverage a book into more one-on-one consultations and speaking engagements.

Self-Publishing VS. Traditional Publishing

Gaining revenue through books sales is pretty self-explanatory. Selling books is going to make you money. What you might not have considered is the way you publish greatly determines your net profit.

Book Sales

Every speaking engagement can become an opportunity to sell books. Two ways we recommend going about direct sales in person:

  • Bundled Sales: Negotiate adding a copy of your book to conference or event materials. In an interview with National Speakers Association, Ted Matthews, a best-selling author pointed out, “But as soon as I obtained a No. 1 position with a book, my speaking rate went up to $10,000.”
  • Post Presentation Sales: Books add a level of credibility. By displaying your book for sale at the presentation venue, you subtly reinforce your expertise. Use this as leverage for book sales. This can be as easy as peppering your presentation with mentions of additional in-depth content in your book.
  • Website sales: A book in and of itself is a marketing piece. Books should be thought of as a business card that will never be thrown away, just passed on. Smart authors know this and use their book as a conduit to their website where they sell more books, merchandise, toolkits, worksheets, webinars and the list goes on.

Books Bring More Leads. More Leads = More Money
Books bring in leads. As you publish a book look to expand your reach and in turn generate more business. Consider the following ways to leverage your book:

  • With a published book you become more visible to those searching for a potential speaker. Options for placement include: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and 30,000+ retail bookstores. If you have your book converted into an audiobook or eBook, imagine your reach as your book can be made available on Audible and iTunes.
  • Having a book gives you more opportunities to talk about yourself through news releases and builds in greater content on your website.
  • While on your website, visitors become more acquainted with your brand. Even if they don’t buy a book, they may choose to read some of your free content offered and in turn become your fans and spokespersons.
  • The book is your new business card. Present it when meeting potential clients. Recommend that the prospect buy a copy for the entire staff and negotiate trainings or consulting work in tandem. Offer a client-specific workbook fine-tuned for their specific needs, to be purchased with the book as the source for your consulting assignment.

Speakers with books can benefit from additional revenue streams. Selling books at events makes perfect sense. But allowing your book expand your reach into other opportunities makes even more sense for speakers of all types.

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