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Why “Redbrush”? Five Reasons.

This is a previously-published post, brought back to answer the popular question: "What is a Redbrush?" Get to know us and how we're ideal for indie-minded writers. 

This is not a post about why you should choose Redbrush to help you with your book project. This is a post about how Redbrush got its name. It’s a fun question. Why “Redbrush”?

1) Because “We’re not a gold-digging publishing model!” was a little too provocative.

2) “Redbrush” has that “Huh?” factor.
“What the heck is a ‘red brush’ anyway?” It’s the number two question we get.

3) “Redbrush” says exactly what we want you to claim.

If you think of “red” as the passion and ferocity you feel for your creative writings and the “brush” as the instrument with which you’ll reach your audiences—be it as gentle as a quill or as impacting as a baseball bat—you will be ready to choose a publishing model that protects your work and helps you do the most good with it.

4) This “Redbrush” model readies you to take back publishing to benefit yourself and your work, and forge ahead with greatest confidence!

Whether you imagine sharing your written works, canvasing the world with mighty brushstrokes, or see yourself as a champion for your cause or platform, leading the charge wearing a red-plumed centurion’s helmet, your publishing journey can be fashioned to navigate however helps you most.

5) Why not “Redbrush”?

Any name with “publishing” in it would confuse authors. We don’t want to be mistakenly grouped with the vanity press lot. We’re not a vanity publisher. We’re not a self-publishing publisher—a vanity wolf in sheep’s clothing. We’re not a publisher at all. The standard we carry calls for the reclaiming of publishing by authors for authors, to benefit their readers.

We are helping highly-motivated authors publish better books smarter. We hope you’ll agree that a company by any other name wouldn’t be as interesting or as helpful. Let us help you with your publishing needs.