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3 Book Benefits for Any Employee

This is the fourth and final post in a short series about the benefits of publishing your own book. We’ve previously covered the primary benefits of publishing for speakers, businesspeople, and non-writers.

Over the last couple months, I’ve challenged readers and others to stump me. Could they share a profession where the employee wouldn’t benefit from a book? Of all the takers, I wasn’t stumped once!

When comparing the benefits of publishing one’s own book between businesspeople and co-workers there’s sure to be some overlap. Employees might also be speakers or hobbyists with something to say about a wide range of topics or interests. There are also some benefits that are especially attractive to just about any employee in any field of work or industry.

Published authors enjoy respect and admiration. Published authors are sought out as expert resources. Published authors are never without something interesting to add to the conversation.

Remember that 2015 YouGov poll? The occupation of published author is the most coveted. Any person who can shut out the noisy world around them long enough to craft a manuscript and see it through to publication is akin to having superpowers. The bragging rights alone are priceless.

Maybe you write about your field of study or work.

Whether you’re a landscaper writing about the basics of water drainage or fashioning a novel where the story unfolds in a small town’s amazing arboretum, you can pour your knowledge and inspiration into a book that informs and entertains.

A school custodian could probably write an engaging tale of teenage angst in the hallways or write a handbook for the most cost-efficient ways to schedule a school’s annual maintenance and deep cleaning.

The industrial cleaning and solvent product salesperson might choose to preemptively respond to client questions about environmentally-friendly products and sustainable reclamation of cleaners. What responsible business doesn’t want to know what’s being used to clean their workspaces and dumped down their drains?

Naturally, an author should add their book title to their résumé or vitae. It identifies them as being able to manage the composition, coordination, and publication of their book project—no small feat. And, as the status of published author is so coveted, it may affect the author’s chances for future advancement within a company or targeting by another employer. Who wouldn’t want to add a published author to their team—especially if the book is well-written and adds to the stock value of the group?

Finally, let’s face it: publishing your own book gives you something to talk about until the end of time … especially if you’re working to keep your book being discovered, reviewed, and selling. You’ll always be introduced as “my friend, the author” or “the author-friend I told you about.” This will lead to many questions about “how did you do it?” “What did you publish?” “Where did you find the courage to put yourself out there like that?” Endless questions and terrific opportunities to share your writing and publishing journey with others AND to share about your book: what makes it special, why it’s relevant, who should buy and read it.

There have been two common denominators throughout this short series of posts. First, whether you have something to say about your own platform, profession, or field of interest, publishing your own book can bring many benefits to your personal brand, stock, and self-image. There can be financial gain. If you let the primary goals of sharing good information and helping others be your aim, rewards can come in many forms. The other common thread through all of these posts is that Redbrush offers resources, information, and inspiration to help any author achieve the goal of publishing one’s own book. We have the services and people to make the process easier, shorter, and the final book product better than when you struggle through alone.

Redbrush specializes in helping motivated and tentative people alike elevate their stories and leverage their content. Check out Redbrush online ( or give us a call at 855.379.6218. Write. Publish. Be Red!