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3 Book Benefits for Business People

This is the second in a short series of newsletter posts about the benefits of publishing your own book. We’ll review the benefits of indie-publishing for speakers, business people, non-writers, and the average Jane or Joe in the working world.

Think of a business leader you admire. What is it that makes you hold them in higher esteem than their competitor? Perhaps they've achieved greater noteriety. Maybe they've become a thought leader in their industry. Maybe they've become the go-source for business media, for other business leaders, and for people in unrelated industries who are looking to gain insight and advice from them.

Here are three benefits for business people who leverage their material into authored and published works.
Successful business leaders and entrepreneurs alike enjoy the admiration and respect of others. They don't ask for it. They rarely seek it out specifically. The admiration and respect of their peers comes as a result of their successes. They may have reached a business milestone or made a series of wise decisions. Publishing a book to share their business acumen and experiences is a way to pass on their good fortune and knowledge to others. Sharing ideas and encouragement in a book may be the greatest evidence of their achievement and their desire to spread success around.

Business people at any level of success may choose to demonstrate their expertise and skills by publishing a book for their customers. Just about any business in any industry can provide an opportunity for a business person to share the basics with their peers and customers to provide a peek behind the curtain and provide their readers with information to elevate their understanding of specialized business practices, successful strategies, and information to benefit amateurs and customers at an intermediate level.

Think of the residential pool company publishing a guide to share technical knowledge and advice about adding pools, hot tubs, or other special water features to new real estate construction. This is a guide that would benefit Realtors, building contractors, developers, and DIY home builders. The guide would elevate the author's business as the expert source when questions arise. Which leads us to…

Business people and leaders who publish their own books and work to get them into the hands of their customers are more likely to create new business relationships, nurture existing relationships, and even repair damaged business relationships. The stronger an authors network of colleagues and complementary business contacts, the greater the chance that their book will result in greater business activity and greater revenue over time. (These publishing expenses may be deductible as business development expenses.)

Will your business book make its way into retail books? Probably not. But the function of books continues to evolve. Books that you give to clients or share with business contacts may bring even more business your way. You may never sell a single copy of your book. But every copy you provide to readers can result in great respect for your knowledge and success, reinforce your expert status in your field, and generate additional income from your existing and new business contacts.

Publishing a book isn’t as difficult as you might fear. If you can answer a couple dozen questions about your business and industry, you already possess the foundation you need to publish one or more books. Redbrush offers ghostwriting and editing services to help authors with whatever level of help they need. Working with a ghost writer or developmental editor can help you quickly move your knowledge into published book form in just a few weeks.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to elevate your vision and leverage your content! Check out Redbrush online ( or give us a call at 855.379.6218. Redbrush can help!