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3 Book Benefits for Non-Writers

By “non-writers,” I mean people who would normally never call herself or himself a writer. They might have other creative outlets or hobbies to occupy their time. If they can get over the speed bumps (doubts/fears) that anchor them to the starting line, they may be able to craft a compelling book product. What kind of books?

Compliment your Art

Artists may feel most comfortable in their world of photography, sculpture, glass blowing, or painting, but have no idea about how to write, let alone publish, a book. A book to accompany an exhibition is a perfect way to showcase your included works and communicate their deeper meaning, inspiration, and whether they are available for private collectors to purchase. It’s also a terrific opportunity to provide context for your creative style, backstory for the current exhibit, and even show previous works and pieces not included in the display.

These books help attendees become admirers and help admirers become collectors. You can sell them at the exhibition, through your website, or through Internet retailers, allowing people unable to attend the exhibition to see and celebrate the work for years.

Share Family History

Maybe you’re the keeper of your family’s genealogy. You might have gathered information from popular genealogy websites and anecdotal accounts from family members near and far. You can easily compile this information and publish it, to share your family history and how your clan has grown from the earliest origins you can find. Whether you’re a Butcher, a Baker, or a Kerzeman, you might have extended family out there looking for the story of your branch of the family tree. What a great feeling of satisfaction to have published your family’s story!

Share Your Passion

Trying something new opens new doorways. No matter your profession or life situation, you have information or a story you can share. I’ve been taking the challenge to help any person who asks for a book idea related to their work or field of industry quite seriously. (It’s been a lot of fun so far.) Anyone with a job or hobby has a book waiting in the wings. That book can provide information to those want to know more about your specific field or job. It can inspire them.

Though you may never have dreamt about being a public speaker, you could easily parlay your book into speaking engagements. Or, if you’re someone who often has contact with the public or large customer bases, there could be several opportunities for the book to generate more speaking opportunities and for your speaking engagements that result in more chances to sell you book. These events are great places to build your personal network, to gain new client prospects, and to help others build theirs, too.


Whether you’re complementing another creative endeavor, hobby, or activity, a book provides entry-level price points for new clients and admirers. Sharing your family history or a memoir with loved ones can inspire children and adults alike. The book you write to share your story or job information can inspire and entertain people you may never meet. You’ll can’t imagine all of the ways your book may help another person exactly at a time when they need it.

Even if you’ve never thought to take pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, you can create a book that brings you great satisfaction. Redbrush specializes in helping writers and non-writers alike elevate their stories and leverage their content. Give us a call at 855.379.6218. Redbrush can help!