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3 Book Benefits for Speakers

This is the first in a short series of newsletter posts about the benefits of publishing your own book. We’ll review the benefits of indie-publishing for speakers, business people, non-writers, and the average Jane or Joe in the working world.

What would you guess is the most desired job in the land? President? Nope. Business owner? Close. Speaker? Not quite.

In a recent YouGov poll, the most desired job was that of author. Here are three benefits for speakers who leverage their material into authored and published works.

Speakers are admired. Speakers are naturally considered to be experts. Speakers with books are held in even higher regard. Publishing your positions, ideas, and content in book, eBook, and audio/visual formats ups your personal brand’s value. Your expert status increases with published works, keeping your name, brand, content, and message in the minds and on the lips of your attendees and audiences longer. Your status grows in the minds of your audiences when you’ve authored and published books.

Speakers with books command higher speaking fees and gain more subsequent consulting work as a direct result of publishing. Again, your status as a published author and speaker are higher than that of a speaker without books. Speakers and entrepreneurs have reported significant increases in their demand to speak and consult in the first months after publishing their books, and substantially higher fees and paid contracts within the first years after publishing.

Published products provide additional revenue streams. Sell copies at the back of the room. Offer volume deals through your website. Distribute through retail partners. Published products noted in your blogs and social media posts can result in more speaking engagements and speaking gigs, giving you more chances to sell more products.

Even copies you give away as a calling card or leave behind—given to someone you’ve met while traveling or for a contact at a networking event—can result in new consulting or speaking opportunities, putting more revenue in your pocket.

Publishing a book isn’t as difficult as you might fear. If you have content from speeches, keynotes, and blog posts, you already possess the foundation you need to publish one or more books. Whether you want to compile your material into an anthology kind of book or build it out into a themed book, you may already have all the content you need to publish a book to accompany or complement your speaking engagements. Redbrush offers ghostwriting and editing services to help authors with whatever level of help they need. Working with a ghost writer or developmental editor can help you quickly move your content to published book form in just a few weeks.

Speakers with books enjoy greater admiration, receive greater speaking fees, and enjoy additional revenue streams that support their brand. What are you waiting for? It’s time to elevate your vision and leverage your content! Check Redbrush out online ( or give us a call at 855.379.6218. Redbrush can help!