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When is working with a co-author a good idea?



You need a book. You know it will bring credibility to your work. You know it will expand your personal brand. But when is working with another writer or co-author a superior idea to going it alone?


When two heads are better than one:

Collaborating can draw the best from both of you. Sometimes it might feel like one's doing the heavy lifting. But the other can ask the right questions, distill down to the basics, find great source materials, and still elevate the overall quality of the piece.


When there are enough spoils to go around:

Credibility is gold. Publishing a book immediately elevates your personal stock value. When you indie-publish, there are more profits to be made. There's enough for two or three authors. Don't be afraid to share them with more than one.


When you both need the benefits from the same book:

Credibility spreads thick. So can respect. Increased sales and profits. Invitations to speak. Media attention. Requests for interviews within and outside your industry. When you both can benefit from the perks of being a professional author with a professionally published book, having a co-author can lighten the weight of post-publication attention and opportunities.


When you each bring expertise, knowledge, and content to the project:

You both bring unique experiences and insights. You attended different colleges. Worked in different markets and for different companies. Built your own successes to date. You provide a natural point and counterpoint to each other's points of view.


Sharing the costs (and deductions):

Publishing a book takes time and money. Sharing the costs with another or two can lighten the load. Maybe one chips in more of the real costs. Diving up the tax deductions in the same way makes sense, too. Working with a co-author can make publishing your own book a relative breeze.


Two are more accountable:

When two individuals work together on a book, their strengths are accentuated. They can be more confident embarking on the publishing process together. Being accountable to each other, they're more likely to set and meet deadlines. The process can go more smoothly, with fewer surprises and forgotten steps than with a single-author project.


They have more time to write:

Working with a co-author doesn't always mean you write the same amount. One of the best reasons to work with a co-author is that they have more time to work on the process than you. It's a balancing act. You may bring the ideas for the book. You may bring all the stories. They may bring the structure. They could have the time to coordinate your information and thoughts into a solid manuscript.


Working with a co-author will help you realize your dream of publishing your own book... and all the benefits that accompany professional authorship. Redbrush would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding working with a co-author. Please don't hesitate to shoot us an email or give us a call!