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How much is success worth to you? A friend of mine posted last week about a business opportunity she debated accepting several years ago. This was no small venture and there would be costs of various types including a substantial, personal investment of time and money. As she described her inner turmoil—“to take the leap” or not—she reached the following conclusion through a single, all-important question:

“How much money/time do I want to spend to be able to answer the question: ‘Should I have done that’? I didn't want to look back on my life with regret, wondering. I came up with a number & decided to spend it on the answer.”

The courage is commendable and the wisdom, unmistakable. And as I read further about how she saw the opportunity through and enjoyed the successes and rewards of accepting the challenge, I couldn’t help wonder how many of you have framed the idea of writing and publishing your own book in the same terms.

I will bet that each of you who cannot answer the following question have also chosen NOT to take pen to paper or fingers to keyboard:

“What do you want to accomplish by writing and publishing your own book?”

Writers and would-be authors get in touch with me every week. Some are some are surprised by a question I pose to them as we talk about their book:

“As we talk about your book and your hopes for it, I want you to think of me as your travel agent. What’s the first thing I want to know when you arrive at my travel agency?”

“Where do I want to go?”

It’s that simple. Those travelers who can identify their desired destination have a better chance of reaching it. Those authors who can share what they want to accomplish by writing and publishing their book are going to have a much better chance reaching that desired destination.

What don’t you want to miss?

  • The elation at the sight of your first (or last) born child, in the form of your own published work as pages come off the press.
  • The feeling of accomplishment when you open those cartons to reveal your book.
  • The added prestige and credibility that only a published book can bring you in your work world and circle of professionals.

What is it worth to experience that feeling of pride and accomplishment … to know that great sense of relief and elation that can only occur with the safe arrival of your book?

How much money and time are you willing to spend to be able to answer this question: “Should I have written and published my own book?”

I don’t want you looking back from a place where you don’t have the time or wherewithal to realize this goal of seeing your story or ideas or experiences in printed, book form. I don’t want you to regret that you didn’t choose the path to write and publish your writings.

Luckily, Redbrush is able to make sure you never experience that regret. Let us help you put a number on that dream and help you get to that destination.