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What We Can Do For You

Redbrush offers a variety of services to cover all of your publishing needs. Whether you have yet to put pencil to paper (or fingers to keyboard?), have lots of source material you need help narrating, or already have a complete manuscript, we have tools to take your book to the next level. Let's start at the beginning...

Guidance & Book/Marketing Appraisal

Have a finished manuscript that you're not 100% sure is ready? Not sure how to set and achieve goals for your book? We can help with that.

Book Appraisals include: receiving a comprehensive report from a professional reader detailing editorial issues you can address to make your manuscript stronger, as well as issues that may require another professional's hand to fix. You then get to decide how to proceed. This service is ideal for writers who aren't sure what an editor would contribute to their book (hint: they always add a great deal!).

Marketing Appraisals include: a discussion about your goals for both your book and yourself/your brand as an author, a discovery process to identify your target audience, and a detailed report describing best practices to achieve your goals.


Ghost Writing

Have an idea for a book that has become an earworm? No time to put it all on paper? Don't put it off for years; let us help you turn your idea into a published book in a matter of months!

With Redbrush's exclusive Hands-Free Publishing program, we can pair you up with one of our trusted writing partners. You'll receive a sample from several writers and select the one with whom you're most comfortable. After that, all you need to do is share your plot points and characters, interviews with your book subjects, etc.


Book Editing

Reading an unedited book is like listening to a symphony with one or more instruments playing off-key. We never want a member of the audience to leave wondering if the symphony conductor was a little bit tone-deaf! We want to hold your manuscript to the highest degree of editorial integrity.

Based on your manuscript's genre, subject matter, and themes, we'll find several editors with relevant experience to provide you a sample edit of a few pages. From there, you get to select the editor you're most comfortable with and work with them to clean your book.


Book Design

Book design is more than just the cover and illustrations. All book interiors go through a professional layout process before they are printed to ensure the reading experience is easy on the eyes. You'd be surprised by how many readers put down a book and never pick it up again because the interior layout felt too tight!

All authors have the opportunity to share their ideas with our professional book design partners prior to the creation of their cover art, and you have a final proof to approve before sending your book to print.


Copyright, ISBN, and LCCN

Protecting your intellectual property (copyright), making your book easy to find (International Standard Book Number or ISBN), and preserving it forever (Library of Congress Control Number or LCCN) are necessary, albeit time-consuming, tasks! Let the Redbrush team do the paperwork for you.



Redbrush's printing partners can get your book printed quickly and beautifully. We can help you decide on the elements you want (hardcover vs. paperback, book dimensions, etc.), as well as how many copies you should print. Quick: think of every person to whom you'd like to give a copy of your book. Now TRIPLE that number! We find that authors underestimate the number of books they'll need to reach their goals.


E-Book & Audio Book Conversion

While some of us will always prefer the feel (and smell) of a physical book, others prefer to have a digital e-book they can pull up from anywhere or an audio book they can listen to while out for a run or on their morning commute. Converting your book to different platforms means you cast a bigger net to get a bigger audience.

E-Book conversion involves working with advanced software that allows your digital book to be customizable from different e-readers. This allows your audience to change the size of the text for easy reading, among other perks.

There are several options when it comes to recording your audio book. You can record it yourself, or we can get you into one of our partners' professional recording studios for the best quality. You can be the voice of the recording, you can pick someone you know to record, or the recording studio can set you up with a professional.



Traditionally published books have to stick to traditional distribution methods, but independently published books have infinite options, most of which end up with more money in your pocket! Some of your options include...

Direct sales: Sell your book through your website (more on that below) or face-to-face. It's always worth noting that the fewer people/processes between you and the buyer, the greater your profit.

Print On Demand (POD): Each sale can start the printing process with this option. Though it cuts down on printing costs, books that get distributed through this model rarely break into the mainstream because they require buyers to find them before they are made available.

Mainstream/Traditional Distributors and Wholesalers: These are the big chain bookstores, like Barnes & Noble. Many of these distributors do not agree to sell books until the author has a major platform from which to support their titles in a mainstream marketplace.

Local Distributors: Local bookstores often love to work with local authors to sell their books! Redbrush has strong relationships with local Lincoln bookstores, and we're more than willing to reach out beyond Lincoln to help set up author/store relationships.

Online Distribution: The Redbrush team is well-versed in which online sellers have the best sales records and the best deals for authors. Let us do some research to determine the best fit for your book.

Most authors choose more than one distribution method. We can help you decide on the best course of action for your book and your goals.


Book Promotion & Marketing

Publishing your book is just the first half of reaching your goals as an author; the rest comes down to promoting and marketing. We can help you set up a customized approach to getting your story out there. That includes social media, publicity, cross media campaigns, and collateral materials like business cards and trade show booth set up.

Our biggest piece of advice when you reach this step: Prepare for this to take time. Promotion is a marathon that lasts several years. Let us help you break it into manageable steps!


Author/Book Website

The easiest way to put yourself and your book out there is with a customized website. We can quickly set one up for you that's clean, professional, and reflects your brand and your story.


Once you know what Redbrush can do for you, check out our pricing model and contact us for a custom project estimate.