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When authors arrive at our site or doorstep with their manuscript, they come with two sets of questions:
“Is this any good? Does it need editing?” … and … “After I publish it, what the do I do next to get it to my readers?”

Authors Determine Their Book’s Quality

You get to choose the editorial quality of your book. Every professionally-published book should be vetted. Traditional publishers typically use the Chicago Manual of Style as the editing standard by which published trade books are judged. Poorly edited books created the stigma of “self-published” books being low quality. Redbrush brings you the ability to professionally publish a book as good as any traditionally published title. Better books sell better and naturally encourage referrals and recommendations. Poorly written and published books don’t. The choice is yours.

What Does An Editorial Appraisal Include?

To read well and be successful, every published book should be professionally vetted and edited. After your manuscript is done and you’ve completed every step that you can do yourself to make it the best it can be is precisely the time to have it professionally appraised. We’ll match an editor to your book to read as much as they need to determine what you’ve done well and what needs work. You’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing editorial issues you can fix yourself and any that might require expert help. You’ll receive a sample edit of several pages to see exactly what type of issues should be addressed to make your published book as good as any traditionally published title. You’ll decide what edits you can do yourself and whether you want professional services to elevate your manuscript to the highest level. You decide the editorial integrity of your published book.

What Does a Book Marketing Appraisal Include?

The first step to reaching your targeted readers is knowing who they are. The second step is knowing what you’re confidently able to do yourself and what you need professional help with. Professional book marketing does exactly that. Many factors affect whether your book will succeed or not. Based on information you provide to us in a discovery process, we’ll first confirm who your ideal audiences are and the goals to you want to reach. Then we’ll provide a detailed report describing the best practices to reach the identified best audiences and the goals for yourself, your book, and your brand.

Book Appraisals – Where to Start?

Redbrush offers professional book appraisals to identify your book’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvements. An editorial appraisal allows us to review your manuscript’s editorial integrity and offer professional feedback with recommendations. A book marketing appraisal gets you exactly the marketing steps needed to reach your audiences and goals. Both appraisals suggest which steps you can do yourself and which steps you might need help with along the way. These appraisals are the perfect place to start any publishing process.