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For the writer who’s made a significant investment composing presentations, keynote addresses, and blog posts, Redbrush offers a turn-key solution to quickly leverage your content into a published book. It's as easy as ... Step One: Choose Redbrush as your publishing services provider. 

Discovery & Ghostwriting

  • Using your content and brand as true north, we’ll identify and leverage your voice through feedback instruments.
  • We’ll gather content together, locate appropriate support materials, and compose your manuscript, suggesting titles and subtitles as appropriate.
  • Our team will prepare all related elements for your manuscript and book cover so that it’s ready, with your approval, to move to editing.  

Professional Developmental Book Editing

The content you’ve generated and the manuscript we’ve created must be vetted by a professional book editor, just as a traditional publisher would do for every book they publish.

  • Our team will compose and polish your book’s keynote and back of the book marketing copy.
  • We’ll perform a word-by-word, mechanical copy edit--often called a Level I edit--on your manuscript and all text.
  • Your manuscript and all text will then go through a rigorous, line edit--often called a Level II edit. Doing these in tandem provides for a cleaner read with greater readability.

Professional Design

Your book’s cover has to make a great first impression. The interior has to look great, too.

  • Custom front cover, back cover, and interior book design. 
  • Conversion to .epub and .mobi eBook. 
  • Design ready cover artwork files provided for additional marketing endeavors
  • This is for a perfectbound paperback book end product. Or you can choose to make it hardcover.

ARC Printing

Start with a few hundred. Start with a few thousand. We’ll help you print the right number.

  • 100 Advanced Review Copies (ARCs).
  • Copies for your speaking engagements, conferences, workshops, and retail orders.**

**Printing subsequent to the ARC print run are additional to the package cost.  

Broad Distribution

  • Setting up distribution for your website, speaking venues, retail partners, and other distributor as needed.
  • Setting up traditional distribution bookstore-appropriate titles.

You have a book. Now what?

Marketing your book throughout the publication process is necessary for its long-lived success. Redbrush provides a suite of marketing services to help ensure that your book doesn't get pushed to the back of the shelf. Check out what we provide, then sit down with our navigator to create a marketing plan that is made just for your book.

Redbrush is uniquely capable of helping business writers leverage their knowledge and experience into published books and an elevated brand.


Redbrush Professional Package With Ghostwriting.................................. Starting at $9,000

Redbrush Professional Package Without Ghostwriting............................ Starting at $6,300