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Finally, the perfect publishing solution for the time-challenged author.

Got something to say? No time to get it out from your brain to a book? Redbrush’s Hands-Free PublishingTM can help you write, publish, and market your book in just a few weeks—not years.


Manuscript Only*

When getting the manuscript is all you need.

Package includes: 

  • Personal Navigator: Guidance from a publishing navigator who will personally work with you through your entire publishing project, make sure deadlines are met and your questions are fully answered.
  • Book Strategy: Receive expert guidance developing the ideal book project for you, book positioning, and related publishing milestones during a personal, two-hour interview with a title editor.
  • Manuscript: Work with a professional title editor through guided interviews that yield content that will be edited into a complete manuscript. 
  • Proofread: Ensure the highest standard of quality with help from a third-party proofreaders who will correct any remaining errors and deliver a ready-to-design manuscript. 


The Break-Out**

When a strong start is all you need. 

The Break-Out includes everything in the Manuscript Only package, plus:

  • Front and Back Cover Copy: Feedback and copy for the book title and back cover including: keynote, description and your mini-bio.
  • ISBN, Copyright and LCCN: Set up necessary guidance for your title. 
  • Cover and Book Layout Design: Design and a custom book cover. 
  • eBook Conversion: Help professionally converting your book to eBook format to Kindle and other reader-friendly formats.
  • POD Distribution Services: Make sure your book is available on-demand through 30,000+ retail booksellers.
  • Customized Marketing Plan: Individualized marketing plan for you and your title including networking, social media, and ARCs (Advanced Review Copies) campaigns. 


The Keynote***

When nothing but the full monty will do. 

The Keynote includes everything in The Break-Out package, plus:

  • FRS Distribution: Receive a higher level of distribution services that come with bookstore placement. FRS services takes care of fulfillment of online orders, bookstore returnability and book storage. 
  • Audiobook Production: Choose to narrate your book or choose to have voice talent instead. Redbrush will coordinate, produce and distribute your book via Audible and the iTunes store. 
  • Marketing Navigator: Take advantage of Redbrush's free monthly updates to check in, fine tune and adapt your marketing efforts for two years after the title's release date. 



Manuscript only with a six month time commitment.......................................... $6,500

The Break-Out with a six month time commitment.................................................$13,250

The Keynote with a six month time commitment (plus 24 months in services)...$21,150


Hands-Free Publishing™

Description Manuscript Only, 14 weeks, $6,500 The Break-Out, 26 weeks, $13,250 The Keynote, 26 weeks, $21,250
Personal Navigator Yes Yes Yes
Book Strategy Yes Yes Yes
Manuscript Yes Yes Yes
Proofread Yes Yes Yes
Front & Back Cover Copy
Yes Yes
ISBN, Copyright & LCCN Setup
Yes Yes
Cover & Book Layout Design
Yes Yes
eBook Conversion
Yes Yes
POD Distribution Services
Yes Yes
Customized Marketing Plan
Yes Yes
Book Printing Allowance
$3,000 $6,000
FRS Distribution

Audiobook Production

Marketing Navigator



*These services are for a business book of approximately 128 pages. Services and pricing are subject to change based on the manuscript or content's word count. Ask your navigator for more information. 

** The Break-Out Volume Printing: Book production that fits your title's needs and goals identified during navigation. $3,000 allowance for printed books.

*** The Keynote Volume Printing: Book production that fits your title's needs and goals identified during navigation. $6,000 allowance for printed books.