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There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a book take shape and delivered in a tangible printed form... except being paid for hard work!

Print Your Own Book?

Book printing has never been easier. Redbrush utilizes the best of digital and offset printing models to help print paperback and hardcover books. Redbrush provides a full array of indie publishing services to help every step of the publishing journey.

Print My Book

We start with a phone call or meeting to talk about a project and clearly understand what an author wants to publish and what goals the author wants to accomplish. The more an author shares their vision with us, the greater the success of a book. We can help from start to finish with services in editing, layout and design, printing, marketing, and website design.

Where to Start?

We can do novels, nonfiction, business books, self-help guides, children’s books, graphic novel and comic books, so let Redbrush know who the audience is and we'll be a guide through the process.

Helpful Hint! How many books can sell in one to three years? That might be the best quantity to print—especially if the book will not change or be updated. The more copies printed, the lower the per unit cost. We can help determine the best quantity based on the author’s goals.