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Print-On-Demand Printing/Distribution/Fulfillment Setup and Initiation

Print-On-Demand (POD) is a helpful production and distribution model for many indie authors. In addition to direct sales and distribution, get the book listed and available through thousands of retail partners. Books are printed as needed and sent to the reader or retailer. This level of availability is impressive to customers, and provides greater credibility for those searching for a specific title. 

PRICE: $150.00 for first 12 months

Print-On-Demand Printing/Distribution/Fulfillment Renewal

There are administrative steps to maintain a title in the POD system. Annual renewals are a breeze.

PRICE: $25.00 annual renewal

Redbrush FRS (Fulfillment/Bookstore Returnability/Storage) – by invitation only

If a book is appropriate for bookstore placement, an author will need to have a return policy in place and be ready to ship or receive stock. Redbrush’s FRS program is ideal for titles with some buzz and/or are ready for the next level of distribution.

PRICE: $650.00/12 mos. or $900.00/24 mos.

Other Distribution Coordination

If an author needs additional help and guidance about distribution options, Redbrush assists every step of the process.

PRICE: Per consultation