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Redbrush’s eBook conversion and design services recommend starting from fully-designed cover and interior files. Authors expecting to start with one or more eBook editions should anticipate initial design costs similar to those for print-ready files. As with all of our services, we’re happy to review any project and confirm what options and services are the best fit. Our eBook conversion tech will be happy to check out the print-ready files and determine the time and cost to convert to the popular eBook formats. Any images or special elements will affect the cost.


Fiction and Prose-Style Nonfiction eBook

Novels, memoirs, and other books can more easily be converted to the popular eBook formats. Because they take less time to convert, QC, and finalize, these types of books cost less to produce.

PRICE: Starting at $200.00

Standard & Deluxe Nonfiction eBooks

Because nonfiction books are typically more complex than fiction novels and memoirs, the time frame to convert into the popular eBook formats is greater.

PRICE: Starting at $500.00

Poetry eBook

We convert and design poetry eBooks based on the cost of a fiction book. Sometimes poetry is designed into pictographs or special shapes requiring more time and care.

PRICE: Starting at $200.00