• Services & Pricing

    Services & Pricing


“How well did I write this? Is it any good? Will it sell?”

Professional feedback is vital to the preparation of any published book. We offer Editorial, Marketing, and Combination Evaluations so you’ll know whether your manuscript is ready to go straight to Design or if it needs some help to be a better, stronger book. Our Marketing Evaluation helps you confirm if your book is ready for the competitive marketplace and which marketing plans will best help you reach your sales goals.

  • Editorial


    Traditionally-published books go through rigorous vetting and editing prior to moving to Design. Let your goals be your guide. Without an expert’s evaluation, you may not know what level of editing—if any—is appropriate for your project. Whether your manuscript needs mechanical editing, more substantive editing, or deeper developmental help, we offer exactly the level of help you need. Many of Redbrush’s Editorial Services are charged on a per word basis. Some are individually quoted after a preliminary review by our staff.

    In addition to Editing, we also offer indexing, proofreading, permissions, and translating. Read more.


If you let your goals define your choices, you’ll always choose the right Design options and offerings. We can help with the simplest text-only projects, to more complex, footnoted academic books. We can help with illustrated children’s books—from concept to finished art—graphic novels, and coffee table books, and design exactly the files you need.

Our specialty is custom-built, creative design for covers and interiors. We also offer eBook design, web design, and marketing support materials. Read more.

  • Printing


    One of the greatest—and most exciting—parts of the publishing process is the printing of your first copies. Whether you start with a hundred Advanced Review Copies or your book’s first printing, you’ll be ecstatic at the arrival of your book in tangible form. We offer quality production like you’d expect from any traditional publisher. From prestige hardcover editions and fine coffee table books, to trade and mass market paperbacks, Redbrush offers the exact products that you imagine for your title. Read more.


Redbrush offers the best of both distribution worlds: Print-On-Demand and traditional distribution options. Our navigators are happy to help you determine the best distribution options for your book. We also offer Storage & Fulfillment for those authors who want to streamline their direct sales distribution. Read more.

  • Marketing


    One of the most important elements in any book’s life and success is the marketing that’s brought online to support the title as it’s launched into the mainstream marketplace. Redbrush can help authors discern the smartest ways to promote their books to the right audiences. Read more.


Once a time frame has been determined for your project, you can make an initial payment upfront or we can establish an appropriate monthly fee to help you manage your budget and avoid interruptions. You can also opt for a pay-as-you-go plan if you prefer to only pay for the services that in progress at any given time, or we can combine one or more payment options into a custom plan to suit your needs.